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Summit Outdoor Solutions: Lawn Care in Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado

Summit Outdoor Solutions is a family-owned and -operated landscaping firm that delivers outstanding customer service and lawn care to Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado residential and commercial property owners. Once the bitter cold and gray snowy days turn to vibrant spring afternoons, it’s time to start thinking about landscaping. We offer an array of services designed to improve the appearance of both residential and commercial lawns. From tree pruning to irrigation systems, and from weeding and mulching to total landscape remodels, our team is creative and honest throughout a job.

Beautiful garden in front of the house

Why You Should Choose Summit Outdoor Solutions

There are a lot of landscaping companies out there. Why choose Summit Outdoor Solutions? Because we offer more than a breadth of services. Our clients receive the benefit of over 20 years of experience and a dedication to delivering superior customer and landscaping services each of our clients. Summit Outdoor Solutions offers:

  • A knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Year-round landscaping services
  • Residential and commercial landscaping services
  • Transparent, free estimates and customer service
  • And much more

We Offer a Variety of Landscaping Services to Our Clients

Summit Outdoor Solutions provides a wealth of landscaping services year-round, including:

Irrigation maintenance and repair

Your sprinkler system plays a critical role in the grass in your lawn’s overall health. Green and vibrant grass depends on moisture. We can maintain your irrigation system and repair broken sprinkler heads and other components.

Four-season landscape maintenance

Including snow removal, members of our team work around the year to ensure your lawn remains beautiful. Both residential and commercial clients benefit from this service, as they receive valuable service during winter.

Tree pruning

Pruning your trees offers a wide array of benefits. However, it can be dangerous for non-professionals to attempt. We have the ladders to reach taller branches and the expertise that prevents us from pruning too many branches from the tree.

Weeding and mulching

Weeds are an eyesore. Our team eradicates them, improving the aesthetics of your property. We also offer mulching services to Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado residential and commercial building owners.

Snow removal

As much snow as Colorado gets, it is absolutely vital to invest in snow removal, particularly if you are a commercial property owner. We ensure your retail store stays open during snowstorms and make sure residential property owners can get to work.

Contact Summit Outdoor Solutions Today

Summit Outdoor Solutions has over 20 years of experience providing exceptional landscaping services to clients throughout Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado. We believe in offering flexible services and honest and transparent free estimates and pricing. To learn more about our company, call today.

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