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Professional Landscape Remodeling in Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado

Are you finally ready to remodel your backyard? Is your commercial outdoor area in need of a makeover? Summit Outdoor Solutions delivers creative solutions to residential and commercial property owners who are prepared to begin a landscape remodeling job. Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado residents and business owners trust us because of our reputation for attention to detail and superior customer service. Together, we can create a stunning outdoor landscape for your children to play in and clients to admire.

Green garden

We Deliver Outstanding Service Backed By Honest Prices

Summit Outdoor Solutions provides landscape remodeling services to both residential and commercial clients. Both benefit from our services. You make a bold statement with your lawn. People passing by notice the crisp, manicured lines, and tightly cut hedges and adjust their opinion of you. Our landscaping experts offer a highly-valuable service: creative, precise landscaping backed by years of experience and a commitment to customer service. In addition to comprehensive lawn care services, the professionals at Summit Outdoor Solutions offers:

  • Over 20 years of experience providing landscaping services in Northern Colorado
  • Superb attention to detail
  • Customizable landscaping designs
  • Commercial and residential landscaping services
  • Transparent, free estimates and honest prices
  • Superior customer-focused service
  • And more!

Enjoy the Benefits of Custom Landscape Remodeling

Summit Outdoor Solutions is perfectly suited to serve all Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado clients, whether they are residential or commercial clients because we offer flexible, customizable services. As a Summit Outdoor Solutions client, you’ll receive a personalized landscaping plan.

Commercial Landscape Remodeling

If you have an outdoor area at your business and you want to update or completely reimagine it, Summit Outdoor Solutions can do so. We help create custom outdoor solutions that work for your company. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for you, so we don’t offer it.

Residential Landscape Remodeling

Perhaps you are getting ready to sell your home, but the lawn has seen better days. Or maybe you’ve long dreamed of a picture-perfect flower bed and sharply defined lines on your yard. Summit Outdoor Solutions works with you to dream up a lawn upgrade that meets your expectations.

Professional Landscaping

Some of our commercial clients want to upgrade their lawn, but don’t want or need a full remodel. We do that too! If you are a business owner and want to make small changes, we’ll accommodate this. It’s all about you at Summit Outdoor Solutions.

Receive Your Free Estimate Today

If you’re finally ready to pull the trigger on a landscape remodeling project, give Summit Outdoor Solutions a call. We offer free estimates to each of our clients, and we stick to the agreed upon budget. Our team also offers year-round lawn maintenance services, including comprehensive snow removal. Call today.

Request Your Free Estimate