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Transform Your Home with Landscaping Services

Ft. Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Boulder and North Denver summers are gorgeous. After a long, cold winter, the warmth, sun, and bright days are a welcome respite. Your kids run around the front lawn, and you prepare to man the grill in preparation of your annual July 4th BBQ bash. More importantly, you become the envy of your neighborhood with a stunning landscape. Summit Outdoor Solutions offers envy-inducing landscaping to Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado homeowners. Professional landscaping transforms forgettable yards into blossoming properties.

Big house with green garden

Five Reasons to Invest in Professional Landscaping

There is a multitude of benefits that accompany trusting a professional landscaping company, like Summit Outdoor Solutions, to take care of your lawn. It might be tempting to prune branches on your own or make cosmetic changes by yourself. There are some things to consider, though:

  • You don’t know what lies beneath the surface: Pipes, root systems, compacted soil, and other factors can complicate your plans for a beautiful lawn. We save time by identifying site issues and working around them.

  • Our team has experience in landscape design: Not only do we dodge avoidable problems, but our team also knows how to dream up exciting ideas like flourishing flower beds and manicured hedges.
  • We know precisely how much it costs and provides accurate estimates: You might find yourself weeks into a project and hundreds of dollars over your budget. We provide an accurate estimate.
  • We know how to handle surprises: If a root system or underground French drain poses a problem, our team knows how to work around it. That’s something only 20 years of experience provides.
  • Summit Outdoor Solutions caters services to our climate: That internet article you based your plan on might have depicted stunning houses in California, but California doesn’t get the snow we do. We know how to cater our landscaping solutions to our climate.

Contact Summit Outdoor Solutions

Our landscaping professionals are ready to help create the landscape you’ve always wanted. We hire the best landscapers and ensure we provide quality services on each job. No grass is cut or mulch laid until we’re precisely sure it’s what you want. In addition to landscaping during the Spring and Summer, Summit Outdoor Solutions also offers snow management and removal. To learn more, contact our office today.

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